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Clip Connector, Solo 32

Ø dowel: 8 mm,, for wood thickness from 16 mm

Clip Connector, Solo 32
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Product details

  • With dowels
  • Clip-part with tightening element
  • Male part
  • Allows practical sub-assembly
  • Snap-in feature
  • Extremely high corner stability


Zinc alloy


Nickel plated


Cup: 20 mm
Dowel: 8 mm


For press fitting

For wood thickness

From 16 mm

Drilling depth

10+0.5 mm


PZ2 cross slot

Supplied with

1 female element with eccentric

1 male element

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Clip Connector, Solo 32

Ø dowel: 8 mm, for wood thickness from 16 mm

  • Drilling pattern with dowel dim. X = wood thickness + 4 mm


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