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Cover Cap, Capfix, Self-Adhesive, Wood, Finished

Cover Cap, Capfix, Self-Adhesive, Wood, Finished
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Product details

  • Real wood, can be cut to fit
  • Easy to apply without caulking or extra glue
  • Same texture, color and appearance of industry standard sheet goods
  • Provides durable, attractive coverage
  • Thickness: 0.90 mm
  • Hold: 13.8 KPQ

  • Can be sanded, stained and finished to match hard and softwood
  • Peel: 28.3N/2.5 cm
  • Ultimate peel: 36.2N/2.5 cm
  • Temperature application: 12.5°C
  • Temperature resistance: 40-121°C
  • Release liner: 98 GSM


0.9 mm


Wood veneer


self-adhesive, for covering screw heads of Minifix™ connectors
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Cover Cap, Capfix, Self-Adhesive, Wood, Finished


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