Crown Plastic Staple, 20 Gauge


Crown Plastic Staple, 20 Gauge
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006.50.941 STAPLE 20G X 1/2"CR X 1/4" PL

Senco®,, 1/2" crown x 1/4" length, M006002

006.50.942 STAPLE 20G X 1/2"CR X 3/8" PL

Senco®,, 1/2" crown x 3/8" length, M006003

006.50.943 STAPLE 20G X 1/2"CR X 9/16" PL

Senco®,, 1/2" crown x 9/16" length, M006004

Product details
  • 100% steel and metal free
  • Flash bonds with wood fibers
  • Eliminate clamping tools and screws
  • Reduce curing time workability
  • No need to remove
  • No need to repair imperfections
  • Sanding belt safe
  • Router bit safe
  • No rust or corrosion
  • Can be painted and stained

  • Will not rust, corrode or stain woodworking projects.
  • Holds 2X stronger that similar sized steel nails; Adhesives will do the heavy lifting after curing.
  • No clamping set up time or waiting.
  • Can be machined like the material it is driven into and will not damage sanding belts, blades, or bits.
  • Eliminates the drudgery of removing problematic fasteners and marring wood surfaces only to require matching the putty to the wood and preparing the surface for additional sanding.
  • Has zero adverse effect on final product appearance and performance.
  • Save capital investment dollars by reducing production downtime and additional wear on sanding and cutting equipment.




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    Crown Plastic Staple, 20 Gauge



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