Docking Drawer, Blade Duo with 4 x AC outlets

15 Amp Series

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    Docking Drawer, Blade Duo with 4 x AC outlets

    15 Amp Series

    Docking Drawer, Blade Duo with 4 x AC outlets New

    15 Amp Series, black

    Item no. 822.53.368

    Docking Drawer, Blade Duo with 4 x AC outlets New

    15 Amp Series, white

    Item no. 822.53.369

    Docking Drawer, Blade Duo with 4 x AC outlets New

    15 Amp Series, stainless steel

    Item no. 822.53.370
    Product details
    • Docking Drawer Blade Duo and Blade feature one size for all outlets for easy specification and installation
    • All outlets can charge & power all of your devices
    • Simplified electrical connection; every outlet now just plugs in
    • 15 amp solutions feature 14 AWG cord approved for residential and commercial installations, most other devices do not use this approved power cord
    • Keep your devices plugged in, ready to use and neatly stowed
    • Docking Drawer Project Packs available - For larger projects such as hotels, lockers, commercial installations, etc., Minimum order quantity is 100 pcs., Bulk packed and shipped to a single location
    • Cabinet Specifications: Fits cabinet depths ≤610 mm (24") with a minimum drawer box width (OD) ≥380 mm (15")
    • Minimum space behind drawer box: 51 mm (2")
    • Minimum interior drawer box height: 76 mm (3")

    Electrical Specifications

    • 1.37 m (4 1/2') NEMA 5-15P power cord plugs into a NEMA 5-15R receptacle
    • 15 amp outlets with 14 AWG cord approved for residential and commercial Installations
    • Max rated current: 15 amps @ 120 VAC
    • USB-C (Power Delivery): 3 amps @ 9 VDC" (30W)
    • USB-A: 3.6 amps @ 5VDC or 4.2 amps @ 5VDC
    • Interlock Thermostat de-energizes outlet when the surrounding temperature exceeds 120°F
    • Optional Safety Interlock Box adds a limit switch that senses the drawer position and de-energizes the outlet when the drawer starts to close (Note: Safety Interlock Box is optional in the United States. Required in Canada to satisfy the requirements of the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC).

    Benefits of Docking Drawer series with USB-C with Power Delivery

    • USB-C is the new USB standard that is maturing in the market
    • Faster - USB-C (PD) can charge your device up to 70% faster than standard 12W charging found in USB-A ports. Therefore, your devices will need less time to reach a full charge. A quick 10-minute charge with USB-C (PD) might be all you need to get going.
    • More Powerful - With up to 2X more power than typical USB ports, Docking Drawer with USB-C (PD) have up to 30W of power available and can charge larger devices like tablets and laptops with just a USB-C cable.
    • Safer - Docking Drawer series with USB-C (PD) contain a smart chip which makes charging safer with 3 key features: 1) Recognizes and optimizes the charging requirements for each individual device and is especially designed to handle new higher levels of power. 2) Built-in overcurrent protection safely keeps devices from receiving too much power. 3) Features an internal thermoregulator to prevent electronics from overheating, which is not available for USB-A.


    With 4 x AC outlets


    Horizontally or vertically, left or right
    Works with side-mount, under-mount and soft closing slides
    A standard 15 amp household outlet is needed, and will need to be within 4 1/2’ of cabinet


    Metal with Plastic and Electrical Components
    Optional accessories
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