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Door Controlling Coordinator, CO600 Series

ANSI/BHMA A153.3, Grade 1, Type 21, 21A,, 42" length

Door Controlling Coordinator, CO600 Series
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up to (38”) 965 mm


(42”) 1067 mm

Product details

Model series



To the soffit of the door frame


Opening: (36 - 120”) 914 - 3048 mm
Soffit: Minimum (1 1/4") 32 mm
Active Door: (18 - 62") 457 - 1575 mm




Prime coat
  • Provides a smooth and tamper-proof means of controlling the closing of a pair of doors
  • For controlling the closing sequence of a pair of doors
  • Equipped with an over-ride feature to prevent damage to doors and hinges
  • Coordinators used in conjunction with a vertical rod exit device require special cutouts.
  • Other plated finishes also available. Contact your Hafele product specialist and provide product number and exit device manufacturer's template with order.
  • IMPORTANT!!! Door coordinators can’t be adjusted to control the closing or latching cycles of the active and inactive door.
  • It is recommended to specify door closers that conform to ANSI/BHMA Standards A156.4.
  • Closers are field adjustable to control both the latching and closing door cycles
UL Listed, ANSI/BHMA 156.3, Grade 1, Type 21, 21

Supplied with


2 Door strikes


Optional accessories

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Door Controlling Coordinator, CO600 Series

ANSI/BHMA A153.3, Grade 1, Type 21, 21A, 42" length


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