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Electronic Furniture Lock, EFL41

Dialock®,, With feedback contact

Electronic Furniture Lock, EFL41
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Model series

EFL 41

Product details

  • Electric lock for indoor use
  • The lock remains unlocked for 3 seconds via the DFT (standard), the door is locked again after 3 seconds, integrated feedback contact “Locked/Unlocked”
  • Lock with AMP plug, locking unit for sliding into the Design 25 IF bottom running track
  • For groove mounting into base panel


Electric lock for indoor use: For glass sliding doors in furniture and office equipment


Locking unit: Plastic/Aluminum; Latch: Steel
End cap: Zinc alloy; Guide pins: Steel



Technical data

Voltage supply

12–24 V DC in load operation,

"toggle" mode (permanent open) only permitted with 12 V DC power supply. The max. opening period in "lock cycle" mode is 15 minutes.

Power consumption

1.75 W with 13 V DC (135 mA)

3.0 W with 17 V DC (175 mA)

6.0 W with 24 V DC (250 mA)

Tensile load

>200 N

Feedback contact:

Max. operating voltage

30 V DC

Max. operating current

300 mA

Max. switching capacity

5 W

Sensor resistance

180 mΩ

Operating mode

Normally closed ("fail safe"), "permanent open" mode not permitted (overheating), except with 12 V DC

Cable length

3 m (with AMP plug)

Operating temperature

0–50 °C

Keyed alike furniture locks: Several EFL 41 glass sliding door locks can be switched parallel (keyed alike) in combination with the CC 140 distributor.

Keyed alike/keyed to differ furniture locks: Several EFL 41 glass sliding door locks can be switched parallel (keyed alike) or individually (keyed to differ) in combination with the MLA 8 multi-lock adapter.Using the MLA 8 also allows:

  • Parallel operation of keyed alike and keyed to differ
  • Combination with other EFL furniture locks with AMP plug (e.g. EFL 1)


Only to be used for 2-panel glass sliding doors.

The EFL 41 sliding door lock can only be used with the Design 25 IF sliding door sliding

Bottom running track length (Design 25 IF sliding door fitting): Internal cabinet dimensions – 2 x 150 mm (2 x locking unit)

Supplied with

Locking unit mounted under 110 mm (4 21/64") Design 25 IF

Double running track

AMP plug

Runner catch for installation in Design 25 IF runner

Housing profile

3 m (118”) connecting cable

Order reference

  • The EFL 41 glass sliding door lock can only be used in combination with the Design 25 IF G sliding door fitting.
  • The integrated feedback contact (open door alarm for glass sliding doors, for example) can be used optionally. A macro is required for controlling the feedback contact. This macro is available on request.
Corporate Office: Häfele America Co., 3901 Cheyenne Drive, Archdale, N.C. 27263
Phone: 800.423.3531, Fax: 800.325.6197, Local Phone: 336.434.2322, Email: info@haefeleamericas.com

Electronic Furniture Lock, EFL41

Dialock®, With feedback contact


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