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Flipper Door Slide, Accuride 1155 - Easy Down

Flipper Door Slide, Accuride 1155 - Easy Down
  • Cylinder Cover
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Product details

  • The Easy-down requires few or no cabinet modifications, and is easy to install
  • Door closing speed remains similar on light and heavy doors
  • Increases safety in the home or workplace by slowing the speed and dampening overhead doors as they close
  • Internal mounting allows cabinets to be positioned side to side
  • Only one pair needed for doors up to 48” wide; no adjustments necessary to the closure mechanisms
  • Capacity up to 14 kg (30 lbs.)/pair, doors up to 48” wide

Model series



For wood applications




  • Doors open over the top of cabinet
  • Mounting brackets are included and recommended when particle board is used

Supplied with

  • 4 slides
  • 4 cylinder covers
  • 8 clip-on brackets
  • Mounting screws
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Flipper Door Slide, Accuride 1155 - Easy Down

  • Cylinder Cover

    Cover shown attached to cylinder


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