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Grass Vionaro Drawer System, Side Height: (7 1/4") 185 mm

Grass Vionaro Drawer System, Side Height: (7 1/4) 185 mm
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Drawer length

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Locking Devices with Flange, for Grass Vionaro Drawer System


    Adapter Set for Grass Vionaro Drawer System, for 89 mm (3 1/2") Side Height


      Marking Jig, for Grass Vionaro Drawer System


      Grass Dynapro 16 Full Extension Slide, 100 lbs.


        Product details

        • The complete drawer system for modern cabinetry
        • 90° straight corners and sides
        • Slim 13 mm (1/2”) width side
        • Integrated height and side adjustment, tilt adjustment at back
        • Tool free assembly
        • Optional 4D depth adjustment
        • For use only with Dynapro concealed undermount slides

        Drawer width

        max. 48"


        Side: 185 mm (7 1/4")


        For face frame and frameless cabinets


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        Order reference

        Please order separately:

        2 x locking device with flange (a left and right)

        1 x marking jig

        1 x Grass Dynapro full extension slide

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        Grass Vionaro Drawer System, Side Height: (7 1/4") 185 mm


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