Info Terminal, Tag-it™ RFID


Info Terminal, Tag-it™ RFID
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Power supply


Product details


  • Contains transmitter and receiver module for data exchange with electronic key
  • 2 function buttons, LCD (4 lines, 16 characters each) for menu-driven data input/communication in maintenance mode

Simple Programming

  • A green programming key presented, followed by user keys to be learned
  • A red programming key is presented, followed by a user key to be deleted
  • All learned keys can be deleted


Dialock® programming software and hardware not included in this catalog, contact the Dialock® dept. for details

Wellness Function

  • Wellness + Simple
  • Wellness + Personnel
  • Wellness function allows a user to lock any available open LockerLock
  • A user key may lock one unit
  • When the user unlocks the LockerLock, the lock is available for any user and the user key is “unblocked” and usable at any open LockerLock
  • If Wellness is used for day “day use” management of the locks, emergency keys are programmed using either Simple or Complete programming

Areas of Application

  • Required only for the Wellness function of LockerLock
  • Utilizes Tag-it™ technology


  • Reading the number of the locker for which the electronic key is authorized
  • Data input in maintenance mode via display and function keys
  • Unblocking keys if an emergency key was used to open a LockerLock
  • Language selection: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian

Technical Data

Direct voltage10-12V/DC
Continuous current input200ma
Peak current input400ma
Safety classIP65
Temperature range0°C to 60°C (32°F to 140°F
Relative humidity0-95% non-condensing





Supplied with

Cover gasket

4 rubber bumpers

Wall mounting plate


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Info Terminal, Tag-it™ RFID


  • Dimensions CT central terminal


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