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Lift-Up Fitting, E-Strato

With Electro-Mechanical Opening/Closing System

Lift-Up Fitting, E-Strato
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Cross Bar, for Strato/E-Strato and Verso/E-Verso

Product details

  • Electro-mechanical opening and closing system
  • Controlled using individually positioned push-button sender
  • Effortless manual operation in the event of power failure
  • Obstacle detection with auto-stop on both sides
  • These fittings are operated using a push-button sender at a frequency of 915 MHz.
  • Quiet drive with soft opening and soft closing mechanism

Input voltage

100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz

Type of closing



Height/side of front ± 3 mm tilting angle of front, holding power and opening angle


18 V




Anodized silver

Supplied with

  • Left and right hand arms
  • 2 cover caps
  • 2 cam followers (left/right)
  • Control unit with female adapter
  • Power cable 2 m
  • Push-button sender with battery
  • 2 screw-on brackets for wood or wide aluminum doors
  • Mounting instructions

Order reference

Cross bar and battery for push-button sender must be ordered separately. Mounting brackets for narrow aluminium frames available as accessories.

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Lift-Up Fitting, E-Strato

With Electro-Mechanical Opening/Closing System


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