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Magnetic System, 2 kg Pull

Pull 2.0 kg

Magnetic System, 2 kg Pull
  • <em>Installation</em>
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2.0 kg

Product details

  • With glued-on metal backing plate
  • Minimum mounting dimensions
  • Completely invisible
  • High adhesion and pull forces
  • Predestined for miter doors
  • Silent action
  • Adhesion force is maintained, even if the door is warped by several millimeters
  • Virtually unlimited lifespan


Magnets: Hard ferrite
Back plates: Steel


Rigid magnets
with glued-on rear plates


Magnets for glue fixing


For installation under the veneer
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Magnetic System, 2 kg Pull

Pull 2.0 kg

  • Installation

    see key
    • Insert and glue the magnet system into door and cabinet recess. The magnet system must be set back slightly, it must not protrude in any way.
    • Cover with filler and sand
    • Apply the veneer or edge strip
  • Routing pattern


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