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Output Extender, OE 200

Dialock,, For EFL

Output Extender, OE 200
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OE 200 Open Collector output extender

Product details

  • Only keyed different operation with up to 16 OE 200 possible
  • Separate power supply
  • Quick and cost-effective installation

Planning by Dialock specialist is required. Please ask.

Model series

OE 200


  • Used for elevator control systems
  • Output expansion for the Multi-Output Wall Terminal
  • When authorized key is presented, an internal relay opens or closes the contact connected to the assigned connector
  • Additional extenders can be added for a maximum of 16 units or 128 sockets
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Supplied with

1 OE 200 Open Collector output extender

1 Data cable 0.5 m

Order reference

Please order cascading cable separately.

Data cable with other lengths available on request.

Corporate Office: Häfele America Co., 3901 Cheyenne Drive, Archdale, N.C. 27263
Phone: 800.423.3531, Fax: 800.325.6197, Local Phone: 336.434.2322, Email: info@haefeleamericas.com

Output Extender, OE 200

Dialock, For EFL

  • Output extender with 8 Open Collector output ports

    see key


    Vin (voltage supply)


    Do not connect


    Vout (output voltage)


    AMP socket 1–8 (to EFL)


    Data out (to OE 200)


    LED 1–8 (control light)


    Data in (from terminals)


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