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Pneumatic Drill/Insert Machine, Grass PRO 1, 220v

Pneumatic Drill/Insert Machine, Grass PRO 1, 220v
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Drill Bit Kit, for Hinge Machines

Insertion Die, for 110°/120° Hinges

Product details

  • 220v pneumatic drilling and insetion machine for 45 mm boring pattern
  • Bore depth automatically adjusts to material thickness
  • Functional design
  • Easy, fast and efficient operation
  • Easy maintenance

Supplied with

3 Spindle drilling head with quick-change chucks

Combined stop and ruler 600 mm long

Wood supporting table (600 mm x 400 mm)

Insertion die arm to hold the insertion die

Hex keys, open-jaw wrenches, 10, 13 and 17 mm

Side stop left and right

Operating manual

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Pneumatic Drill/Insert Machine, Grass PRO 1, 220v


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