Power Supply Unit, Dialock®

Power Supply Unit, Dialock®
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Output current

Product details


Plug-in connection to output cable via AMP plug (3-way AMP plug on output port), and 72" primary cord


max. of 50 EFL1 locks


For supplying power to furniture terminals, and multi-lock adapters/distributors

Technical data

AC input voltage

120V ± 15%, 47 - 63 HZ

AC input current


DC voltage output

12 VDC ± 5%

Output current range

0 - 2.5A

Operating temp. range

0° to 40°C (32° to 140°F)


Powered switches reduce lock capacity. The in-line power supplies are not provided with mounting tabs. They are best placed on a protected shelf or trough.

For details contact Dialock® department at 1-888-437-7477 or 1-336-889-2322

Corporate Office: Häfele America Co., 3901 Cheyenne Drive, Archdale, N.C. 27263
Phone: 800.423.3531, Fax: 800.325.6197, Local Phone: 336.434.2322, Email: info@haefeleamericas.com

Power Supply Unit, Dialock®


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