Programming Key Set, for LS 200

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    Organising electronic master key systems has never been as easy and convenient as it is with the SAFE-O-TRONIC® access LS wireless designer lock in miniature format.

    Be it changing room lockers, safe deposit boxes or lockers for bag storage, SAFE-O-TRONIC® access LS replaces the usual cylinder cam locks with keyless locking convenience which finally makes time-consuming key management a thing of the past. This means: Neither expenditure nor personnel are required for keys or other data media and the issue, return and administration thereof. No follow-on costs for lost keys or data media. The appealing design matches the respective style of the surroundings perfectly.

    SAFE-O-TRONIC® accessPIN code lock

    Child's play to install and retrofit

    Cabinet doors that are prepared for the usual standard cam lock cylinders can be easily equipped with wireless, innovative PIN code technology.

    Put in position – screw in place – finished!

    The electronic lock with locking cam fits in the usual standard aperture, and is installed with just one additional screw.

    Fits any cabinet door

    The slimline SAFE-O-TRONIC® LS designer lock can be used for left and right hand cabinet doors made from any of the usual materials, and is also ideally suited for specially shaped cabinet doors.

    Award-winning design

    The SAFE-O-TRONIC® access furniture locking system was presented with the red dot award: product design 2010 and has been nominated for the German Design Award.

    Free choice of installation direction

    SAFE-O-TRONIC® access can be installed in four different installation directions in accordance with your preference and the type of cabinet.


    Laser-engraved inscription plates with a logo or a cabinet number can be simply clipped in after installation.

    Locker vacant/occupied indication

    The position of the green display marker shows whether a locker is vacant or occupied.

    Capacitive keypad for outstanding operating convenience

    Thanks to capacitive technology, gentle tapping on the keypad is all that is required to enter the PIN code of the lock. The capacitive keypad is wear and tear free, and also allows the lock to be used in wet rooms and hygiene-sensitive areas without problems.

    Rotary knob for a high degree of functional reliability

    The rotary knob provides functional reliability, even if the locker doors are jammed.

    Intuitive operation

    The entry of a four-digit numeric code suffices to reliably lock and unlock the locker. Orientation to the symbolic language used on mobile phones makes operation child's play. Intuitive user guidance with optical and acoustic feedback also increases operating convenience.

    Protection against manipulation

    By means of blocking time to prevent unauthorised opening attempts.

    Controlled opening

    As well as conventional master locking, master locking is available that only allows opening, but not uncontrolled re-locking when a locker must be opened by staff. This increases security for the guests and protects the personnel from false accusations.

    Intelligent battery management

    The long-term energy supply using low-cost standard batteries minimises the operating costs. A locker can be opened even if the battery charge is low - but it cannot be locked! The battery can be changed quickly and easily from the outside using a special tool, even if the locker door is locked.

    Wide range of uses

    SAFE-O-TRONIC® access provides numerous intelligent ways of efficiently organising storage in commercial properties of all kinds:

    • Sport & leisure: In modern leisure facilities, the guests can relax and spend time on the premises without having to carry a key around. The capacitive keypad allows the equipment to be used in wet areas such as swimming pools and sauna areas.
    • Clinics & hospitals: Controlled access to changing room lockers and safe deposit boxes, internal mailboxes, dressing trolleys, medication, laboratory and document cabinets is just as important in clinics and hospitals as keyless securing of patient cabinets, safe deposit boxes and bedside tables.
    • Industry & administration: With SAFE-O-TRONIC® access, time-consuming key management for staff lockers, filing and office cabinets and mailboxes in industrial and administration properties is finally a thing of the past. Problems caused by lost keys simply cannot occur. The storage of work and street clothing (e.g. in areas sensitive to hygiene) is organised in a highly-efficient way.
    • Schools & universities: Pupils and students can use their lockers at any time – without a key and therefore without the risk of losing it. This also makes time-consuming issuing/returning of keys superfluous.
    • Libraries & museums:SAFE-O-TRONIC® access provides keyless theft protection for bag storage in libraries and museums.
    • Retail industry:SAFE-O-TRONIC® access provides low-cost keyless use of cabinets for bags in retail stores to prevent theft of goods. In shopping centres, a convenient storage service for shopping bags provides a relaxed, enjoyable shopping experience and increases the length of stay, providing additional sales opportunities for the operator. When it comes to the organisation of staff lockers, SAFE-O-TRONIC® access helps to enlarge the sales area by reducing cabinet capacities.


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    Programming Key Set, for LS 200

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    LS 200 programming key set required for programming and master key operation

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