Ready Pack Set, FT 120, for Tag-It™

Dialock® LockerLock


Dialock® LockerLock


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For single locking system

Each set is preprogrammed with all supplied keys.

Also supplied with Open Time Transponder, Item 917.42.021.

Additional components needed for a furniture locking system consists of:

-Electric furniture locks

-Distribution blocks

-Extension cords (order as required)

The sets are capable of controlling the following quantity of each type of lock:

-EFL3: 11 pcs.

-EFL6: 4 pcs

-MCL1: 7 pcs.

-EFL41: 5 pcs.

-EFL80: 6 pcs.

An external relay, Item number 237.56.132 may be used to increased the number of locks being controlled by a single FT 120.

Product Features

Supplied with

FT 120 Tag-it™ for External Antenna 1 pc.

External Antenna for FT 120 Tag-it™ 1 pc.

Green Programming Add key tag 1 pc.

Red Programming Delete key tag 1 pc.

Gray user key tag 5 pcs.

12V DC Power Supply with Plug 1 set

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Ready Pack Set, FT 120, for Tag-It™

Dialock® LockerLock


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