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Safe-O-Mat® - Coin Collect, Model S-6

For Metal Lockers, RH

Safe-O-Mat® - Coin Collect, Model S-6
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Product details

Model series

S-6 Coin Collect


• Fitness centers
• Amusement parks
• Resorts
• Sports-arenas
• Transportation terminals

Suitable for

Metal lockers

Temperature resistance

(32ºF – 140ºF) 0 – 60


Cash box: Steel



Technical data

Size (L x H x W)115 mm x 266 mm x 54 mm
(4 1/2” x 81 7/8” x 2 1/8”)
Weight1200 g (2 lbs. 10 oz.)
Temperature0°C to 60°C (32°F to 140°F)
Humidity10% - 95% (non-condensing)
Currency1 quarter, 2 quarters , US, token
Cash box capacity40 quarters

To Lock

1. Insert coin(s)/token into slot

2. Close door and turn key to extend bolt,

coin(s)/token is temporarily retained

3. Remove key

To Unlock

1. Insert and turn key to retract bolt, coin(s)/token are returned to Coin Return Catch


Please contact Häfele at 1-800-423-3531 and have the following information available:

“Handing” specifications

Key Plan specifications

Every order requires (sold separately):

Master key

Cash box key

Supplied with

3 mounting screws

Outside instruction decal

Order reference

Specify additionally to Cat. No.:

a) Required coin values for slot A and B

b) For wooden or metal doors

c) Angled striking plate or striking plate

d) Installation location with project name and postcode

Corporate Office: Häfele America Co., 3901 Cheyenne Drive, Archdale, N.C. 27263
Phone: 800.423.3531, Fax: 800.325.6197, Local Phone: 336.434.2322, Email: info@haefeleamericas.com

Safe-O-Mat® - Coin Collect, Model S-6

For Metal Lockers, RH


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