Sliding Door Hardware, EKU Combino L 40, Set

For angled wood sliding doors, for door weights up to 88 lbs,, 1 Door

Sliding Door Hardware, EKU Combino L 40, Set
  • Installation dimensions
Min. 1
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For 1 door

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Double Bottom Running Track, EKU Combino L 40



    Double guide track, Top, for screw fixing



      Product details


      For angled sliding door

      Door weight

      (88 lbs) 40 kg

      Door height

      max. (59 1/16”) 1500 mm without soft closing mechanism
      max. (78 3/4”) 2000 mm with soft closing mechanism mm

      Door width

      max. (59 1/16”) 1500 mm

      Door depth

      Max. (27 9/16”) 700 mm

      Material thickness

      (3/4”) 19 mm

      Running gear

      Bottom running, 1 roller

      Running gear guided by

      Ball bearing mounted roller: Plastic

      Door stopper

      Top clip-in door stopper or soft and self closing mechanism, for sliding into running track


      Running gear and guide for screw fixing
      • Great for home entertainment applications
      • Can be used to hide large flat screen TVs
      • Optional Soft Close mechanism available
      • Top and bottom door stopper, bottom stopper with spring
      • Guided by running gear, ball bearing mounted, plastic-coated rollers

      Supplied with

      2 Running gears

      2 guides

      4 door stoppers (2 with clip-in door stopper, 2 stoppers)

      Order reference

      • Please order double running and double guide tracks separately.
      • We recommend the use of Planofit straightening fitting for doors with a height of more than 800 mm.
      • Door heights of 1,500–2,000 mm are only possible in conjunction with soft closing mechanism for sliding doors.
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      Sliding Door Hardware, EKU Combino L 40, Set

      For angled wood sliding doors, for door weights up to 88 lbs, 1 Door

      • EKU Combino L 40, for door weights up to 40 kg, with soft closing mechanism (optional)

      • Installation dimensions

        Side removable for door mounting

        see key

        A = cabinet width

        B = door width

        IA = internal cabinet width

        BO = base panel depth

        SE = side panel width


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