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Soft-Close Door Stop, for Double Doors

Soft-Close Door Stop, for Double Doors
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Product details

  • Specifically designed to provide Soft & Silent function on inset doors with free-swinging hinges. Typical application is high-end custom kitchen cabinets utilizing decorative free-swinging hinges
  • Utilizes Neodymium magnets and Smove shock absorbers to gently pull doors closed
  • Magnets are separated by a rubber bumper, so door closes quietly
  • Magnets are strong enough to pull in warped doors (up to 1/4” approx.)
  • 2 units per door are recommended; 1 on top and 1 on bottom


For double doors


Maple Wood
  • Can be used on Frameless or Face Frame Construction
  • Free-swinging hinges must be used
  • Single blocks are supplied in pairs; L/H and R/H. For appearance sake, they look better if top and bottom magnet align. They also tend to work better if magnet is closest to the hinge side.
  • Recommended pilot hole location for keyhole screw: 19 mm (3/4”) from side panel or edge of style on face frame cabinets. Set back from front edge; door thickness + 22 mm (7/8”). For face frame construction, please provide your own shims if cabinet floor is not flush with top of rail.
  • Easy to install keyhole slot in bottom offers approx. 1/2” of front to back adjustment. When proper location is established, install additional 5/8” screw via hole in back.

Supplied with

  • L/H & R/H blocks with Smoves & magnets installed
  • Mounting screws
  • 2 door magnets with matching mounting screws
  • 2 door bumpers
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Soft-Close Door Stop, for Double Doors


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