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Soft Close Mechanism, Smuso AD

for HAWA Junior 80/GP, 80/GL, & 80/GS

Soft Close Mechanism, Smuso AD
  • Single-sided
  • Double-sided
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Smuso AD soft and self closing mechanism for Hawa Junior 80 systems

Product details

Load bearing capacity

(176 lbs.) 80 kg


For 1 and 2 sliding glass doors

Suitable for

Wooden doors: Hawa Junior 80/Z (not suitable for use with 80/B)
glass doors: Hawa Junior 80/GP, 80/GL, 80/GS, 80/G


For suspending in running gear
Air/friction damper: Ensures no loss of liquid (such as oil), Cannot be destroyed even at excess pressure, Friction adjusts to the pressure
For Junior 80/GP, 80/GL & 80/GS
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Order reference

When using the soft and self closing mechanism on both sides and ordering the Junior 80 set, please note the following: The stopper supplied with the Hawa set is not required in this case. We recommend ordering individual components instead of the complete set for cost reasons.

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Soft Close Mechanism, Smuso AD

for HAWA Junior 80/GP, 80/GL, & 80/GS

  • Single-sided

    Minimum door width: 762 mm (30”)

  • Double-sided

    Minimum door width: 1110 mm (43 11/16”)


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