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Special Flush Handle, Nylon

Mastercombi Locker Locks,, Black (RAL 9005)

Special Flush Handle, Nylon
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Black (RAL 9005)

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Special Strike Plate, for Mastercombi Lock


Product details

  • Specially designed for Häfele
  • This trim piece, used in combination with the Mastercombi Lock, creates a clean professional look in wood doors.


Wood doors

For door thickness

(3/4") 19 mm



Setting a new combination on the Mastercombi:Turn the number dial at least one full turn clockwise, and then set “0" to the red mark. Insert control key and turn 90° clockwise. The spring bolt is now retracted and the door can be opened. Now depress and hold in the spring-loaded button on the rear of the lock housing. At the same time turn the number dial with the other hand 2 divisions clockwise to the “48" mark. Now release the spring-loaded button. Continue turning the dial clockwise until the adjusting spring can be heard to engage. The next combination is now set. Lock the cabinet door and withdraw the control key. Remember to register the new combination.

Optional accessories

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Special Flush Handle, Nylon

Mastercombi Locker Locks, Black (RAL 9005)


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