Suspension Fitting, AD 30 Angled Component

Keku System,, with Varianta screws

Suspension Fitting, AD 30 Angled Component
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With Häfele Varianta Euro screws with countersunk head Ø 3.0 or 5.0 mm

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Suspension Fitting, Panel Component


    Product details


    Double partition fittings are used for:
    Construction cavity-type doors
    Double partitions on cabinet sides
    Connecting frame elements
    Linking elements
    Installing lightweight partitions
    Mounting wall elements (booth construction)

    Model series

    AD 30


    Plastic (polycarbonate)




    • For Panel distance of 30 mm
    • For Varianta screw mounting, use 3mm or 5mm.
    • For wood screw mounting, use #8 flat head.
    • Must order screws separately.
    • Do not treat with chemical solutions or aggressive greases
    • Do not adjust by hammering

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    Suspension Fitting, AD 30 Angled Component

    Keku System, with Varianta screws


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