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Tenso Installation Tool, Plastic, Green

Tenso Installation Tool, Plastic, Green
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Biscuit Connector, Lamello Tenso P-14

    Product details

    The ideal glueing aid:

    • Without using clamps or pressing devices
    • Completely concealed/invisible
    • Facilitated storage and transport of the work pieces

    New pre-load clip features:

    • Little effort: Only briefly applying pressure is needed for engaging the fitting
    • Easy connection of workpieces, even with several connectors
    • The pre-load clip is easily pushed in using the installation tool


    To pre-load Tenso P-14 connector





    Routing depth

    14 mm

    Tolerance specification

    Lateral: ±1 mm, sliding tolerance: ±2 mm
    Tensile force: approx. 15 kg/connector, retention force: approx. 25 kg/connector


    with pre-loading facility
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    Tenso Installation Tool, Plastic, Green


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