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Titebond®, Painters Plus Caulk

Titebond®, Painters Plus Caulk
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Product details

  • For interior and exterior applications
  • Seals joints, repairs cracks and fills gaps
  • Paints & stains easily with one coat
  • Provides a flexible, watertight seal
  • Tools easily and cleans up with water
  • No residual odor
  • De-aired for a smoother bead
  • Exceeds the performance requirements of ASTM C834


Application temperature: Above 40°F

Service temperatures: -20°F to 150°F

Methods of application: Cartridge/caulking gun

Working time: Approx. 10-15 minutes for a 1/4” bead

Working surfaces: Surfaces to be caulked should be clean, dry and free from excessoil, grease, water, dirt or any other material that may deter excess.

Cleanup: Clean tools and excess material with water while wet. Scrape dried excess.


Do not apply if rain is expected within 12 hours. Painters Plus should be dry to the touch and ready to paint in 2-4 hours. Not designed for continuous submersion or use below the waterline.

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Titebond®, Painters Plus Caulk


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