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Tray Set (of Four), for LAVIDO Pantry Pull-Out

Tray Set (of Four), for LAVIDO Pantry Pull-Out
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For cabinet width

Product details

  • Optional to add individual trays – recommended to use 5 trays for pantries from 57” to 77” and 6 trays over 77”.
  • Required to order 1 tray set, additional individual trays can be ordered separately.
  • Tempered glass sides come standard and are removable.
  • Width dimensions are actual tray widths.


Shelf: Melamine
Surround: Steel

Supplied with

1 tray with integrated top runner

3 height adjustable trays

4 accessory boxes

1 support bracket

1 fixing brace

1 handle for mounting to the bottom of tray

Order reference

There are 3 components you need to order for the Lavido Pantry:

A. Pantry Frame

B. Trays

C. Full Extension Runner

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Tray Set (of Four), for LAVIDO Pantry Pull-Out


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