Twist Drill Bit Set, 25 pcs.

Ø 1-13 mm

Twist Drill Bit Set, 25 pcs.
Min. 1
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High speed steel

Product details

  • Extremely study and resistant due to HSS quality according to EN ISO 4957 with a hardness of approx. 62 HRC
  • Thanks to the cylindrical shank, the 25 bits of the set can be used in all common battery-operated and hand-held bits
  • Smooth ejection due to smooth ground spiral
  • Precise positioning and clean edge of the hole due to center point and spurs
  • Best qualified for boring into all types of wood, laminated boards, MDF and even acrylic glass
  • These wood twist drills, with center point, 2 cutters and 2 spurs
  • Optimized spurs in special version ensure fast and easy cutting of the wood fibers before the hole is drilled
  • A bevelled edge leads to a perfect drilling of the diameter without any deviation
  • The alloyed steel improves the stability time of the drill

Suitable for

Drilling in soft and hard wood, glue-laminated boards, MDF boards, plastic and acrylic glass


1 - 13 mm
(in .5 increments)


High speed steel
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Twist Drill Bit Set, 25 pcs.

Ø 1-13 mm


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