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Type 1 Flush Fix, for Parallel Panels

Button-fix™,, Type 1 flush fix

Type 1 Flush Fix, for Parallel Panels
  • Button-fix Type 1 Flush
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Product details

  • For applications where panel to panel contact is required and fits a simple oval rebate
  • Can be rebated into the edge of a panel of at least 28 mm thick, in particular hollow core panels or the face of a panel of at least 18 mm thick
  • Allows you to fit panels together with no gap inbetween, when fixing panels at least 18 mm thick (we recommend Euro screws for fixing into panels 18 - 22 mm)


For flush fitting of parallel panels

Suitable for

Secret fixing of drawer fronts or connecting work surfaces to carcasses, exhibition stands and peg rails


For screw fixing


Glass filled nylon

Optional accessories

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Type 1 Flush Fix, for Parallel Panels

Button-fix™, Type 1 flush fix

  • Button-fix Type 1 Flush


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