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Upper Track , Pre-Drilled

for T-snap,, For use with Leporello and Alu systems

Upper Track , Pre-Drilled
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Upper tracks, pre-drilled
pre-drilled and countersunk

Product details





Load bearing capacity

Maximum weight per running gear: (55 lbs.) 25
  • For front-hung folding cabinet doors
  • Doors can be appropriately matched to architectural and functional demands
  • Any type of layout is possible, doors attached to left and/or right side panels, or twin installations
  • For side panel mountings, straight arm concealed hinges should be used
  • Center panel mountings require cranked hinges
  • Panels should be of equal width


Pre-drilled for mounting screws

For wood thickness

from (5/8”) 16 mm


(8' 2 7/16") 2500 mm

Order reference

Please calculate the running track length 110 mm shorter than the end-to-end length so that the adapter piece can be inserted.

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Upper Track , Pre-Drilled

for T-snap, For use with Leporello and Alu systems


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