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Work Surface Brackets, Rigid

Centers,, (LxWxH) 533 x 45 x 610 mm, white

Work Surface Brackets, Rigid
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Product details

  • Load capacity: 1,000 lbs. per pair when mounted on 16" centers
  • A 3/4" x 1 1/2" notching system for fast and easy alignment after installing a level wall cleat
  • Two different sized arm lengths, which allow for one brace to be used for two different sized countertops
  • Heavy-duty folded steel design for strength
  • Two conduit holes, which are designed for running power and communication cables independently
  • Countersunk screw holes allow screws to be mounted flush, recommended screw size is a #8 with a countersunk head
  • Available in epoxy-coated or stainless steel

Recommended Countertop Sizes:

21" x 28" brace: 30"-32" tops

28" x 21" brace: 22"-24" tops

15" x 18" brace: 20"-24" tops

18" x 15" brace: 16"-20" tops

8" x 12" brace: 10"-16" tops




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Work Surface Brackets, Rigid

Centers, (LxWxH) 533 x 45 x 610 mm, white


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