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Xenon Cable/Transformer, for Low Voltage Lighting

Xenon Cable/Transformer, for Low Voltage Lighting
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Dim. (W x D x H)


Product details

  • Potted to minimize noise and vibration
  • Primary and secondary windings are separated by a Faraday shield which provides safety and prevents electrical noise
  • Thermally protected
  • Resettable circuit breaker to protect against shorts
  • Dimmable with incandescent line voltage dimmer, located on primary side (before transformer)
  • Easy hang bracket
  • Wire access door and knock-outs for conduit
  • One standard tap and one boost tap (increases low voltage output by 5%) to compensate for voltage drop in remote applications

Transformer remote dimmable 12 volt magnetic, hardwire for connection to cable.
Each transformer should be loaded between 50 and 100% of the rated wattage.

It is recommended to place transformers as close as possible to the area being illuminated. For long runs it is recommended that the transformer be placed in the center of the application. Mount in vertical upright position.


Powder-coated steel


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Xenon Cable/Transformer, for Low Voltage Lighting


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