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Y-Adapter, ACC, for EFL 3 Dialock Furniture Lock

Length: 100 mm

Y-Adapter, ACC, for EFL 3 Dialock Furniture Lock


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ACC Y-adapter

Product details


For emergency opening of EFL 3 and EFL 3C furniture locks. The Y-adapter is connected to the FT 120 furniture terminal.
In the event of a power failure, power can be supplied separately via the Y-adapter for an emergency opening. Power is supplied via the test device.
The Y-adapter can be connected directly to the EFL 3, EFL 3C or MLA 6P, MLA 8.


With 1 RJ10 plug and 2 RJ10 sockets


100 mm




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Order reference

Please order emergency opening cable (9) (Cat. No. 910.51.094) separately.

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Y-Adapter, ACC, for EFL 3 Dialock Furniture Lock

Length: 100 mm

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    Circuit diagram

    (1) FAN 100 antenna

    (6) Locking component

    (2) FT 120 furniture terminal

    (7) V2 connection cable

    (3) PS power supply unit

    (8) MLA 6P multi-lock adapter

    (4) ACC Y-adapter

    (9) Emergency opening cable

    (5) EFL 3 furniture lock

    ⑩ Test device for EFL 3/EFL 3C


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