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Cover Cap, Plastic, self-adhesive

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Straight Strip Brad Nail, 18 Gauge

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1/4" Crown Medium Wire Staple, 18 Gauge

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T-Nut, 4-Pronged

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Spreading Dowel, M4 Internal Thread

Item No. 051.45.004
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Headless Straight Strip Pin, 23 Gauge, Galvanized

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Drywall Anchor, Self-Drilling

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34° Angled Strip Finish Nail, 15 Gauge

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Drywall Anchor, Snaptoggle® Bolt

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Trim Cap, Press-Fit in Confirmat Head, For screws with central hole 3.0 mm

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Screw-In Socket, with Screwdriver Slot

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Self-Drilling Drywall Anchor, SnapSkru® SP Regular

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