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Abrasive FilmBac Disc, 6" Premium, Aluminum Oxide, PSA, no Holes

Abrasive FilmBac Disc, 6 Premium, Aluminum Oxide, PSA, no Holes
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  • Individual tabbed discs include release paper liner which gives the product a great shelf life because it stops grit or dust contamination
  • Discs are open coat and include a sterate coating to resist loading
  • Fast cut, long life and consistent finish
  • Pres-Loc hook and loop fastening system allows for quick changes and decreased downtime
  • FilmBac is a tough, polyester film backing that is strong and durable lasting 3 to 4 times longer than standard paper discs
  • Ultimate tear resistance and sanding uniformity for consistent sand scratch depth throughout the life of the disc


For sanding paint, primer, metal, wood, fiberglass and plastic


(6") 154 mm


Aluminum oxide

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100 discs per package

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Abrasive FilmBac Disc, 6" Premium, Aluminum Oxide, PSA, no Holes


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