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Accuride 3634 Heavy Duty Side/Bottom Mounted Slide, 1" Overtravel, 200 lbs Weight Capacity

Accuride 3634 Heavy Duty Side/Bottom Mounted Slide, 1 Overtravel, 200 lbs Weight Capacity
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Product details

Model series

  • Includes hold-in detent to help hold drawers in a closed position
  • In-and-out stops silenced for quiet operation
  • 1” over travel for full access to drawer contents
  • Accommodates drawers up to 42” wide to expand potential applications
  • .78” cross-section width
  • Lever disconnect allows for easier drawer removal and reinsertion
  • Outer member hole pattern matches models 3832/3834. The same hole configuration and fastener type are used whether slides are going into a 1/2” or 3/4” side space.
  • Slides are unhanded, which also helps speed and ease of installation
  • RoHS compliant
  • Recommended Drawer Size: 1 9/16" (39.69 mm) less than the cabinet opening
  • Side space: .78 + .000/-.02 [19.8 mm +0/-.5]
  • Disconnect: Handed lever disconnect

Suitable for

Wider drawers and trays used for storage in retail fixtures, restaurants, medical facilities and business offices as well as residential kitchens, garages and more


(2.09") 53.1 mm


(.78") 19.8 mm

Load bearing capacity

Side mount per pair: (200 lb) 91 kg
Flat mount per pair: (75 lb) 34 kg


Over travel: (1") 25.4 mm


Side or flat mount






224 mm
14" is full travel

Order reference

  • D Pack - Polybag includes one pair of slides with moutning screws.
  • P Pack - (Bulk) Packed in 5 pair per box. Mounting hardware needs to be ordered separately.
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Accuride 3634 Heavy Duty Side/Bottom Mounted Slide, 1" Overtravel, 200 lbs Weight Capacity


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