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Biscuit Connector, Lamello Tenso P-14

Biscuit Connector, Lamello Tenso P-14
  • <em>Installation</em>
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Product details

  • With pre-loaded facility
  • Joins and clamps during insertion for perfectly closed joints
  • Insertion of shelves after transport for lower transport weight
  • Efficient machining and installation with a Zeta based on the P-System
  • Narrow element for the use in shelves of at least 19 mm thicknes

Suitable for

For use in furniture, store fixtures, exhibitions, book shelves, open room dividers, wine shelves, etc.

Routing depth

14 mm

Tolerance specification

Lateral: +1 mm, sliding tolerance: +2 mm
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Biscuit Connector, Lamello Tenso P-14

  • Installation


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