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Foldaway Bed Fitting Set, for Lengthwise Mounting

Foldaway Bed Fitting Set, for Lengthwise Mounting
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The dimensions listed are internal cabinet dimensions. The cabinet and bed box constructions require a wood thickness of 13/16" (20 mm)


  • It is essential for foldaway beds to be secured against tipping, according to EN 1129, (check the floor suitability). Two safety stops are enclosed with every fitting set.
  • Bed weight = total weight of the bed box, slatted frame, mattress and bedding
  • Internal cabinet height= Mattress width + bed frame thickness (x2) + 4 15/16” (125mm)
  • Internal cabinet width= Mattress length + bed frame thickness (x2) + 2 1/8” (54mm).
  • A gap of 3/16” (4mm) is required on all sides between the cabinet and front panel.

Supplied with

1 Pair of foldaway bed fittings with pivot bearings and positioning bolts for gas pistons

2 Safety Stops

Installation instructions

Order reference

Gas pistons, angular feet and retaining straps need to be ordered separately.

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Foldaway Bed Fitting Set, for Lengthwise Mounting

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