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Laser Line Level Device, Leica Lino L2

Laser Line Level Device, Leica Lino L2
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Product details

  • Leveling accuracy: ± 1 mm @ 5 m (0.03937” @ 16’ 4 7/8”)
  • Range: Up to 15 m (49’ 2 9/16”) depending on light conditions
  • The accurate, self-leveling point and linen lasers
  • With Leica Lino everything is plumb and perfectly aligned
  • Projects lines or points with absolute precision
  • Self-leveling over a range of ±4°
  • Proven optics: projected laser lines and points are highly visible and accurate
  • Simple operation with only two buttons
  • Pendulum Lock



Supplied with

Storage case

Target plate

Magnetic multifunctional adapter

Ball adapter

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Laser Line Level Device, Leica Lino L2


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