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Lutron LED Wireless Receiver

Lutron LED Wireless Receiver
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Product details

  • Controls up to 3 Eco-system drivers
  • Uses Lutron Clear connect® RF technology
  • Designed to give a linear response to changes in viewed light level
  • 2 wire connection between optional sensor and controle module - the wires are interchangeable to eliminate miswiring
  • Programmed rapid start design ensures full rated lamp life
  • Lamps turn on to any dimmed level without flashing to full brightness
  • End-of-lamp-life protection circuitry ensures safe operation
  • Non-volatile memory restores all ballast settings after power failure 100% performance tested at factory

Output voltage

120 VAC




Drivers and receivers must be installed by licensed electrician and are subject to applicable national, state and local electical codes.

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Lutron LED Wireless Receiver


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