Rail, with Dovetail Groove

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Rail, with Dovetail Groove

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  • Dovetail connector rail

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    1a Mounting with rail (dovetail connector rail)
    Mill groove into for track into front edge of shelf, 10.5 x 12 mm (H x W).
    Insert track and screw in.
    Recommendation: 1 fixing screw with 3 mm countersunk head approx. every 200 mm.
    2 Attach dovetail sleeves or long sleeves with 3 mm countersunk head screws (head Ø < 6 mm) on the opposite side.
    Recommendation: 6 dovetail sleeves per 1 m.
    3 the insertion resistance can be adjusted using the tightening torque of the sleeves (screw-in strength).
    4 Slide shelf onto dovetail sleeves.

  • Dovetail connector direct installation with long sleeve

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Rail, with Dovetail Groove


Item no. 261.30.030
26130031 product photo

Rail, with Dovetail Groove

Pre-drilled, countersunk at 150 (5 7/8") intervals

Item no. 261.30.031
Product details

Concealed, tool less installation for shelves
Easy to dismantle

  • Provides solid reinforcing connections; self-reinforces if several shelves are used
    Stabilizes high and protruding components

  • Installation
    1. Mill groove for rail in front edge of shelf, 10.5 x 12 mm (7/16" x 1/2") (H x W), insert rail and attach with screws. Use one flat countersunk head screw at approximately 200 mm (7 7/8") intervals.
    2. Attach the dovetail sleeve with a flat countersunk head screw (head Ø < 6 mm (1/4") on opposite side. 6 sleeves per meter is recommended
    3. Adjust push-in resistance of rail via tightening torque (screw connection strength) of dovetail sleeve.
    4. Slide shelf onto side panel and slide rail onto sleeves.


For wood thickness

≥19 mm

Area of application

For mounting in recesses
Use as shelf connector for construction base panels
For shelf and cabinet constructions
Can be used as double partition fitting and for miter joint connections






For recess mounting

Order reference

Special lengths available from an order quantity of 100 pieces on request.

Additional information

Set depth of shelf by tightening the rear sleeve more firmly. Add a depth stop to the structure if necessary. The tighter the dovetail sleeve screws are tightened, the more difficult it is to slide in and remove the shelves.

Optional accessories
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