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Adjustable Foot, Ø51 mm

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Furniture Glide, Height 5 mm, Knock-in

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Furniture Glide, with Screw-Hole

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Base Leveler, 1/4" - 20 mm x 1"

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Caster, M10 Stem, Load-Bearing Capacity 110 lbs, Wheel Ø50 mm (2")

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QuickClick Threaded Stem Leveler

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Square Mounting Plate, for Ø78 mm Adjustment Foot/Tube

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Adjustment Foot, Ø30 mm

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Twin Wheel Caster, Load bearing capacity 35-100 kg, free running

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Adjustment Foot/Tube, Ø78 mm

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Base Leveler, 1/4" - 20 mm x 25 mm

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