The design concept of micro-living – especially when cultivated with hardware and LED lighting from Häfele – is really an exercise in discovering opportunity. Whether it’s transforming one square foot or 100 sq. ft., the idea is to design and outfit a smaller, yet purposefully built space to do the work of or act like a much bigger one. For designers and builders, this means a number of questions to answer: How big will the footprint be? Will the occupant be working from the space? Entertaining? Will it be one person, a couple or even a family? For the occupant, it’s all about inhabiting a space which can and does change at will based on your need in that particular moment. And then returns just as simply. All of this though, needs the right elements and components. And Häfele is here to help.

The micro-living display featured in the video above can currently be found in Häfele’s NYC Showroom. For additional details about the products featured in the display, please feel free to take our virtual showroom tour here.