Let's Get Started!

A short tutorial to our website.



To Sign in to our website Select the "Sign in / Register" link in the top right navigation of the site. From there, you will be shown a Sign in box where you will provide your Account Number and Password. If you do not have an Account select the Registration button to Register for the site.

If you are logging in as a Co-User click the Box for Co-User and enter your Account #, username and password.

Then select Log on.  You will now be able to view pricing and be able to purchase from our website.





After logging into the website you may set up additional Users for the Account. These Co-Users will be able to log into the Account.  However, you may limit their access and ability to place orders. To setup a Co-User of the account - select User Management from the left navigation and then select New User.

You will fill out a form and be able to provide a Username/Password for this new user. You may setup as many additional users that you wish for your Account.  Make sure that you provide them this information as no email will be sent to them.






After you have logged into your Account you will be shown an Account Summary.  This will show a list of Open Orders and any recently edited Wish Lists. Once you are in your Account you will have many options available to you. You may:

  • View Open Orders
  • Review Saved Wish Lists
  • Add Additional Co-Users
  • View Order History

So please become familiar with this part of our website.