Bold, Forward Thinking Innovations Strengthen Häfele’s Loox LED Lighting System

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, January 19, 2016

The speed at which LED lighting has become an integral part of our daily lives is astounding. Well, true to form, Häfele America Co., a leader in LED lighting technology, has proven they are faster. Updates to the Häfele exclusive Loox LED Lighting system have surpassed the industry in bringing value, functionality and innovation to the lives of countless kitchen, bath and closet customers.

“What we’ve been able to do with the Loox line is extend the boundaries of where light can and should go,” said Jeff Ratkus, product manager for Häfele America Co. “And we don’t see consumer’s appetite for new products or applications in this category dimming any time soon.”

Key LED highlights for 2016 include:

Flexible Strips & Flexible Silicone

The latest iteration of flexible light strips and flexible silicone strips from Häfele’s Loox line offers brighter light while offering even more LEDs per linear foot of ribbon. For ease of installation, these strips now include more and tighter cut points where they can fit into any furniture or cabinet applications – even the smallest of spaces needing light. Additionally, this allows them to be more effortlessly spliced for longer runs of uninterrupted LED brilliance.

Modular Pucks, Recess & Flush Fixtures

Puck lights from Häfele’s Loox line, typically a mainstay in kitchen, bath and closet applications, are now available in surface mounted or recess mounted styles with a choice of round or square trim rings. These stylish, IP44 rated fixtures are ideally suited to any area prone to condensation, small splashes or moisture. An updated line of finish options goes with any décor and includes nickel matt, aluminum matt, black and white trim colors. Another fine addition to the Loox line is a new infrared, heat sensitive toe kick LED light which stays on in four minute increments – perfect for safely guiding home and hospitality customers to and from wherever they may need to go regardless of the hour.

New Mounting Extrusions

Häfele’s selection of LED lighting and mounting extrusions have been expanded to include a variety of mounting angles to let LED light be added to almost any area such as 90° for direct, perpendicular lighting coverage and 40° angle extrusions which are great for lighting rear counter areas. New light channel covers allow for diffused, even light in practically any application. Loox now also offers a rounded, low-profile extrusion exclusively for drawer lighting use. Lastly, these new extrusions are able to be cut to within the inch, allowing them to fit anywhere you might seek to bring light.

New Switching Options

A wide array of new and innovative options have been added to Häfele’s already robust switching selections. In addition to mechanical on/off and door triggered on/off, the Loox line has added mechanical on/off toggle switches; in-line, extrusion mounted touch switches; infrared, heat sensitive switches controlled by a simple wave of the hand; infrared heat sensitive dimmer switches controlled by hand motions and other mechanical inline switches.

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