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Welcome to The Idea File from Häfele. This is where you’ll find our latest product, trend and design inspiration – all compiled into cleverly-named blog post folders. Discover trending and trusted company favorites from architectural and cabinet sliding door hardware to storage and organizational products for the closet, garage, kitchen, office and more. Written for designers, architects, millworkers and hardware fans alike – The Idea File is our way of helping you brainstorm brilliant solutions for your upcoming projects.

Did you know? Häfele has …


There are A LOT of products and services under the Häfele umbrella. From sliding door hardware to tools, LED lighting, kitchen and closet storage, custom-made solutions and a whole lot more … we know it’s impossible to be familiar with all 30,000 items in our product offering. That’s why we’re highlighting a few things that might be helpful for your upcoming projects.


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Gather. Entertain. Impress. With a little help from Häfele.


Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, New Year’s Eve and more … the end of the year means it’s time to get your home ready for holiday entertaining once again. If you’re planning to make some upgrades before the end of the year, we’ve got some ideas that’ll ensure your home is the place where friends and family will love to gather – for years and years to come.


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Fully charged devices. Fantastically smart solutions.


Our devices, while helpful, are pretty needy. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and more all need power to run at peak performance. That’s why Häfele offers a wide variety of charging solutions designed to give users as much – or as little – power as they need at their workstations and beyond.


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These solutions could make your next project your best project.


With more than 30,000 items in our product offering, it’s pretty easy to overlook solutions that might be hiding in unexpected sections of our catalog. That’s why we’re highlighting a few innovative and helpful options which we’ve offered for a while that you may or may not know about (yet).


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Let’s stock up your shop.


Every shop needs tools and supplies. No matter your project or specialty, Häfele can help you bring everything together – literally. From adhesives to abrasives, specialty jigs, safety workwear and so much more – our catalog covers a wide range of tools and consumables you need to keep your shop and your projects running smoothly and efficiently.


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Brilliant bathrooms begin here.


When you think “bathroom” you might not immediately think of us here at Häfele America … but when it comes to designing and building in this space, we actually have quite a bit to offer. From innovative lighting solutions to open storage, drawer organization and more – we’re highlighting some of our favorite products that’ll take your next bathroom project from basic to brilliant.


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Don’t sleep on these solutions.


Here at Häfele America Co., we pride ourselves on the fact that we have more than 30,000 items in our product offering. Yes, we realize that’s A LOT of solutions spanning across a wide variety of project needs – so we’re not shaming you if you’ve overlooked some of the awesome products in our catalog. It just means we get to introduce a few of them to you now for the very first time.


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Häfele + Hotels = A match made in hospitality heaven.


Comfort. Security. Functionality. These are the basic features guests are looking for in a quality hotel stay. Whether the environment offers a quirky, boutique-style vibe, a high-end luxurious one or a more practical, economical option – Häfele has the lighting, hardware and functional solutions needed to ensure a peaceful and positive experience is had by all.


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Stored in the open. In style. Anywhere.


Open up! Are you ready to let your designs breathe? Well, we have a lot of options that’ll do just that. Listed here are some of our newest and most-trusted solutions for functional, stylish, uncomplicated open storage.


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10 reasons to start your next closet design with Häfele.


Here at Häfele, we know that a closet is more than just a place to store clothes and shoes. It’s the space where most of us start and end our day. That means it should: be easy to navigate, have purposeful storage solutions and be designed with the customer in mind. No matter your client’s design choice – classic, modern, boutique – we have the right products to make your closet projects functional, organized and forever stylish.


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Clean and contemporary. Modern and muted.


Decorative hardware trends are always changing. Different shapes, sizes and colors come and go in and out of style (sometimes as quickly as the seasons change). What remains constant is the search for the perfect handles and knobs that’ll stylishly pull your project together. So what’s popular right now? Let’s take a look at some of Häfele’s newest and best-selling decorative hardware styles.


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Home office refresh: New Year. New work space.


Like many things, home offices have changed a lot over the last few years. And as we’re all home more often these days, spaces need to keep up with evolving needs – especially our work spaces. Here at Häfele, we’re keeping up too. We’ve added some new office solutions to our catalog which help clients feel more comfortable, productive and creative in their personal work areas.


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