Kitchens Really Can Have and Do It All … When You Start with Häfele.

  • Be organized: With in-drawer storage which adds beauty and order
  • Be efficient: With corner units which bring function to those hard-to-reach places
  • Be flexible: With adjustable base cabinet solutions which adapt to every storage need

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, January 31, 2023 – Fantastically organized drawers. Easily accessible corner cabinets. Efficiently arranged base cabinets. Intelligently discreet waste solutions. High-functioning pull-out table systems. Incredibly stylish open storage. The Häfele kitchen is where every drawer, cabinet, corner and pull-out has something amazing to offer. Booth W4720 at the 2023 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is where we put this theory to the test – and validate it.

“This year is a big one for Häfele America – and as a leading supplier of kitchen organization products, we knew we had to really wow KBIS attendees with this 2023 display,” says Henry Wrobel, category manager for Häfele. “The products we’re showcasing all come together to prove just how versatile and far-reaching our kitchen solutions offering is.”

Corner cabinets can be tricky. But we have some excellent options on display to help designers navigate this awkward space. Our newest solution is the Kesseböhmer Revo Corner Unit – a sleek, user-friendly unit which tucks the cabinet doors in as it smoothly revolves through the cabinet interior – closing the doors automatically upon returning to the front of the cabinet. It’s suitable for frameless and face frame construction and pairs with our height-adjustable Arena Plus Three-quarter Round Shelves. In the opposite corner, we have the highly-functional Magic Corner II Blind Corner Pull-Out which swiftly brings cabinet contents out into the open in one simple, fluid motion. This unit is designed for hinged cabinets and is available in left- or right-swinging configurations. Adding style and elegance to this unit are our Fineline Boxes in birch finish which bring attractive wood tones to the cabinet interior.

Kesseböhmer Revo Corner Unit


Magic Corner II Blind Corner Pull-Out with Fineline Boxes


We all want our kitchens to be a little more flexible these days. That means in-cabinet solutions which help store more and easily adjust as needed. The X-Series Bracket System – working alongside our Matrix UM A35 undermount slides – is the answer. This system of pilasters and brackets allows you to create custom cabinet storage in which drawer boxes or roll-out trays can be moved up or down after installation to accommodate the exact height needed. Bringing additional storage flexibility to base cabinets is the incredibly versatile Dispensa Base Pull-Out (BPO) Frame. This one pull-out is shown in three different applications – with our Fineline Storage Boxes, with Arena Plus Trays and with the Baker’s Tray Organizer Set – all featuring integrated soft close and height-adjustable positions for each tray style. Working just as hard to keep base cabinets organized and accessible is the Kitchen Tower Base Pull-Out Unit. Designed for frameless cabinetry, this unit automatically glides out when the cabinet door is opened, making all contents available from three sides. It features a variety of trays, dividers and holders and is ideal for storing everything from knives to chopping boards, spices, wooden spoons and more.

X-Series Bracket System


Dispensa Base Pull-Out (BPO) Frame


Kitchen Tower Base Pull-Out Unit


A home chef can only operate as smoothly as the inside of their kitchen drawers. Adding order, as well as style, to this space is Häfele’s wide range of Fineline Drawer Organization, including Fineline Accessories and Fineline Move products. Both standard and deep drawers in Häfele’s kitchen vignette feature a variety of elegant cutlery trays, knife blocks, spice holders, plate racks, storage boxes and more in three beautiful warm wood finishes including walnut, birch and black ash. Also offering in-drawer order at a budget-friendly price are Häfele’s Sky Cutlery Trays. Shown in slate gray and textured white, these trimmable, easy-to-clean organizers make in-drawer tidying simple and affordable.

Fineline Drawer Organization


Sky Cutlery Trays


Something every kitchen could use more of? Space. The pull-out table systems in Häfele’s kitchen area offer that – and a lot more. A new, innovative option for expanding counter and prep space is the Opla Top Pull-Out Table Fitting. This system installs in place of a drawer, slides out and gently moves up to sit flush with the counter height – offering a weight load of 88 lbs. Also fitting neatly in place of a drawer is the Rapid Pull-Out Table System. This self-supporting table supports a heavier weight load of up 220 lbs., making it an ideal solution for a buffet or pull-out dining table right in the kitchen.

Opla Top Pull-Out Table Fitting


Rapid Pull-Out Table System


Busy kitchens produce a lot of waste. The waste management solutions being highlighted in Häfele’s kitchen vignette are designed to handle it all – trash, recycling or both – with discretion. The new Hailo US Cargo FF 18 is designed for face frame cabinets and features synchronized, side-mounted, soft-close slides with a weight capacity of 110 lbs. for a smooth operation every time. The Hailo US Cargo FL 18 offers the same benefits for frameless cabinets and is paired with the Hailo Libero 3.0 Auto Opener, designed for swift, hands-free cabinet opening operated by a foot sensor. Coordinating with our Matrix Box P metal drawers featured throughout the kitchen display is the Matrix Double Waste Bin Pull-Out in anthracite finish. This unit is paired with the Grass Sensomatic Auto Open Kit which aids in the full-access opening of the waste bin with just a light touch of the cabinet door. Also being displayed is the Pull-Out Bottom Mount Frame, which now offers more storage with the addition of our 25.5 qt. waste bins – allowing two bins to fit in the same amount of space as a single waste bin unit.

Hailo US Cargo FF 18


Hailo US Cargo FL 18


Hailo Libero 3.0 Auto Opener

Matrix Double Waste Bin Pull-Out


Grass Sensomatic Auto Open Kit


Pull-Out Bottom Mount Frame


Additional kitchen display highlights include:

The Häfele Pull-Out Spice Rack brings organization and high visibility to seasonings, oils and marinades in upper kitchen cabinets. This easy-to-install unit features multiple different-sized compartments on pull-out slides and can even be customized further through our Service+ program.


Bringing upper cabinet storage down to you is simple with the Kesseböhmer iMOVE Pull-Down Unit. By pulling gently on the handle, the shelving unit is smoothly lowered down to arm’s reach – making cabinet contents easier to see and grab. It also features a loading function which allows you to lock the shelves in a lowered position while putting away or retrieving items.


Protecting cabinetry, as well as keeping items in place inside drawers is made easy with Häfele’s range of Non-Slip Mats and Cabinet Protector Mats. Available in a variety of smooth or patterned textures with multiple color options – our Non-Slip Mats are sold in rolls or sheets and can be trimmed to the exact size needed. Offering priceless water protection for cabinetry, our Cabinet Protector Mat is designed with liquid-catching dimples which can hold up to a gallon of water per six square feet.

Non-Slip Mats


Cabinet Protector Mats


The Portero Pull-Out Storage Unit is ideal for storing sponges, cleaning supplies and anything you may need to carry from room to room as it serves as a detachable cleaning caddy. The caddy nestles perfectly under the sink and fully extends for accessibility. The Hailo Door Mounted Waste Bin is a compact, convenient waste solution which tilts out automatically as the cabinet door is opened. It features a 16 qt. bin that fits perfectly under the sink for recycling or even pet food storage.

Portero Pull-Out Storage Unit


Hailo Door Mounted Waste Bin


Convenient in-drawer charging duties are handled with the powerful Docking Drawer Blade Duo 15 Amp in-drawer outlet. Ideal for kitchen applications, the Blade Duo turns the junk drawer into a functional quick-charging station for cell phones, tablets, watches and more with Power Delivery (PD) which can charge devices up to 70% faster than standard 12W charging ports.

Docking Drawer Blade Duo 15 Amp in-drawer outlet


Bringing ease and simplicity to open storage in the kitchen and other spaces is the Kesseböhmer YouK Shelf System. Designed as a system of ladders which accommodate any shelving material you choose, YouK can be mixed and matched with different-sized side railings, stand-alone with optional feet or even pair with casework.

Kesseböhmer YouK Shelf System