Leave the Cabinet Leveling Gymnastics to Someone Else

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, July 17, 2019

• Easy. Convenient. Efficient. Axilo™. 
• Shims are so, so last century
• Patented innovation. Häfele exclusive.

Up until now, leveling cabinetry has been either an uncomfortable mix of shims or adjustable cabinet feet and a level—and some exhausting gymnastics necessary to make it all work. Well the innovators at Häfele America Co. have devised another way to level kitchen, office, wardrobe or other cabinetry: the revolutionary, new Axilo™ Plinth Adjusting Fitting System.

“Shims and various levelers have certainly been a reliable way to true up cabinets,” says Steve Hubbard, category manager for Häfele. “It was about time to add some innovation and efficiency to the process. And that’s what the Axilo system is all about.”

Axilo means plinth leveling in just a few manual operations. The adjusting tool acts as an arm extension. No more bending, crawling or stretching—with Axilo you can easily reach the rear feet of the plinth as well. The installer has a view of the level at all times for trouble-free alignment. This can be carried out by rotating by hand or by using a cordless screwdriver, thanks to a ¼" bit holder. The adjusting tool can be applied and operated from nearly any angle to the special Axilo Adjustment Feet and can be used for plinth heights of 50 - 220 mm.

The Axilo Plinth Adjusting Fitting System even took home a 2019 AWFS Visionary Award as part of its appearance during the show.

You can see Häfele’s Axilo Plinth Adjusting Fitting System in action here.

Technical information on Häfele’s Axilo Plinth Adjusting Fitting System can be found at www.hafele.com/us or in our digital catalog here.