Openings, Evolved

Archdale, North Carolina, USA, August 24, 2016

We humans have been opening and closing doors for hundreds of years. It’s true. You can Google it. And while the door materials may have evolved, the way it swings has rarely been changed. Until now. Häfele America Co., one of America’s leading suppliers of furniture and architectural hardware components, has taken the lead in offering products which bring the humble door— whether attached to a small cabinet or reaching from floor to ceiling—decidedly new and innovative directions.  

Let’s start in the kitchen. Open a cabinet door. Now try and have someone walk by it. That movement may be what we’ve known for our entire lives but it’s patently inefficient and, let’s face it, kind of boring.

Häfele’s exclusive Free family of flap fittings actually opens new possibilities and allow for a cabinet door to be lifted, tilted, swiveled or folded above the user. This means both the entire contents of your cabinet are made available each time you open it AND people can walk by unimpeded. Now that’s what you call evolutionary progress. And it gets even better:

“One handed installation. Installers love it just as much as the customers do the finished product,” explains Daniel Tripp, product manager for Häfele. “With the variety of closing options coupled with both mechanical and electronic closing mechanisms, the Free family is a definite win-win.”

And now let’s say you need a bigger door because you have something you’d like to efficiently and effectively hide something from plain sight. For you, we offer the Concepta. Equally adept at handling floor to ceiling decorative doors to simply and beautifully enclose a laundry space or custom craft area, the Concepta really is a revelation of sorts when it comes to door and cabinet hardware. It works perfectly for space constrained areas seeking to give separation to things you would rather leave behind closed doors at your home or business.

“The beauty of the Concepta is that it works for practically anything—from kitchens to entertainment centers to laundry rooms—and allows for doors to open and fold completely out of the way in simple, fluid motions,” explains Mae Holler, product manager for Häfele. “The hardware is just ideally suited for practically any residential or commercial space.” 

Available in standard or bifolding designs, the Concepta is easy to install, can be adjusted without the need to open panels and can sustain very heavy doors due to its scissor technology design.

Whether you’re on the hunt for interesting ways to open your kitchen cabinets or looking for hardware that keeps up with your design expertise, Häfele has you—and your ancestors—covered.

About Häfele
Häfele [HAY fell leh] is a leading worldwide supplier of furniture and architectural hardware components that improve the functionality of cabinets, doors, kitchens, bathrooms and other living and working environments. LED lighting, decorative hardware, opening and closing mechanisms for doors and drawers, furniture fittings and electronic locking systems are but a few of the essential items Häfele provides to manufacturers, architects, designers, contractors and construction professionals in more than 150 countries.