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2021 trends in review


2021 wasn’t all bad. Want proof? Check out this convenient recap of some of our best and newest products and offerings – as well as our witty suggestions for bringing more style, function and organization into your amazing projects to come. Enjoy!


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Home is where the Häfele should be


The holiday season is upon us and that means it’s time to get your home ready for entertaining once again. And if it’s your first time welcoming family and friends back into your house in over a year – you might be due for some updates. As our gift to you this month, let us offer a cornucopia of Häfele solutions for bringing function and style to your gathering.


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More order. Less horror.


A dirty, disorganized kitchen can be pretty frightening. Luckily, Häfele offers some of the most innovative solutions available to help you avoid common kitchen nightmares.


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Storage Treatment > Stain Treatment


Our laundry rooms see a lot more than just dirty clothes. This one space is used for sorting, storing, folding, ironing and of course washing and drying. And unless you’re lucky, you don’t have a lot of space to work with in this room. But this month, we’re showing you how our products can help you maximize storage and organization in this space – so you can get a little more room out of your laundry room.


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First impressions are important.


The entryway: This space is often the last one you pass through when you leave home and the first one you see when you walk back through the door. It’s also the first room your guests see when they arrive at your house – and you know the saying, “You only get one shot at making a good first impression.” That’s why this month we’re highlighting some storage and organizational solutions from Häfele which will help you prioritize function, order and style in entryways and mudrooms.


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Divide space. Add style. Multiply functionality.


Slide. Stack. Fold. Float. You can make wood or glass doors and panels do almost anything with the right sliding door hardware. Go off the hinges with us and discover how innovative sliding door solutions from Hӓfele can increase functionality, save space and elevate all your projects – big and small.


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Conquer clutter. Reclaim your garage.


Tools. Sporting gear. Holiday decorations. Gardening supplies. Bicycles, scooters and maybe even a red wagon. All stored in one place – the garage. With such a wide variety of items looking for a place to stay, it’s no surprise the garage is one of the most cluttered spaces in the home. That’s why this month we’re walking you through some of the many ways our products can help you restore order in the garage.


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Looking for inspiration? It’s in here.


One space. Multiple displays. Thousands of products. Endless design ideas. This month, we’re showing you why our New York City Showroom is a must-see for designers, architects, woodworkers and hardware fans everywhere.


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More movement. More function. More living.


Much like the kitchen, the living room can be compared to a vital organ of the home. It’s one space which is used in many different ways — for work, play and rest. This month, we’ll show you how our products can increase functionality and save space in the living room.


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Home office, sweet home office.


We know working from home looks different for everyone. Some people have a separate room dedicated to getting work done, while others may be working from the corner of a spare bedroom or closet. No matter where your home office setup is located, we have some ideas on how to improve and personalize the space you’re spending most of your time in.


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KBIS 2021. Online. On Trend.


Build it and they will come. That doesn’t really apply during a global pandemic, but we assembled our 2021 KBIS booth anyway — equipped with our amazing products and incredible LED lighting. And one upside to an entirely virtual trade show – you can view our booth on your own time, even after the event has ended. Here’s a summary of the themes and trends featured throughout our virtual – but very real – 2021 KBIS booth.


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Let’s make closet dreams come true.


Classic, trendy or chic — whichever style your customer chooses for their closet, we know it takes a great deal of creativity and time to make it a reality. New styles and trends are also constantly evolving. Our products make your closet projects on trend, functional and timeless. In this month’s blog, we’ll take you through different hardware, lighting, accessories, wardrobe tubes and lifts to choose from in a variety of styles and finishes that will make your closet visions a reality.


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