Storage here. Storage there. Storage everywhere.

Wall-to-wall storage solutions that are as designer-friendly as they are organization-friendly.

Lecora Lee, Assistant Marketing Communications Manager at Häfele America Co.

Storage is often one of the most overlooked aspects of home design. Unfortunately for us, our things do need a place to live that’s not in a pile on the floor. Mudrooms, closets, garages and beyond – all of your important spaces have more storage opportunity than you might think … especially those with some open wall space. Keep reading to explore some of the best and brightest our Häfele catalog has to offer. We can’t promise to completely eliminate piles of stuff on the floor, but we can offer some pretty amazing solutions to give your stuff a home which is certainly easier to see and reach.


Wash. Rinse. Organize. Repeat.

Your weekly to-do list is probably going to involve a nice outfit and then, more than likely, cleaning that nice outfit. Laundry is messy enough - the last thing you’ll want to do is rummage around looking for your cleaning supplies, and Omni Track can help give everything a proper place. TAG Hardware’s Omni Track system is a sleek wall storage solution perfect for the laundry room. With a variety of hooks, bins and holders, your supplies will be in clear sight so you can clean up and move on.


TAG Hardware Omni Track


Hang up. Hang out.

For a more style-friendly, interior-wall solution for storage, TAG Hardware offers a low-profile storage system which is as stylish as it is functional: the Symphony Organizer. Each Symphony frame is covered with imitation leather, giving an elegant look and feel to open wall storage. Due to its customizable size and number of frames, Symphony is ideal for tight spaces or other areas where shelving and drawers won’t fit – such as at the entryway or behind a door where your fall coats and scarves can call home.


TAG Hardware Symphony Organizer


Coordinated closet views.

Working in harmony with the TAG Symphony Organizer – or just beautifully functional on their own – are the Leather Wrapped Cleat Boards, offered in the same winter, oyster and pewter colors for seamlessly coordinated storage components. While Symphony offers a multi-frame system, TAG’s Leather Cleat Boards are a great singular system for the things you might want to keep on display but still organized within your closet, mudroom or supply closet.


TAG Hardware Leather Wrapped Cleat Boards


Get hooked.

We’d like to introduce another contender in the TAG Hardware storage line: hooks. Now ties, belts, coats, shoes and even brooms and mops can have a stylish new home with the TAG Synergy Elite range of hooks. If your dream closet is completely coordinated down to the smallest details – these mounting pieces will be the perfect finishing touch. Have storage needs beyond the closet? These can anywhere and store practically anything.


TAG Hardware Synergy Elite


Unclutter your workspace.

Wrapping up our storage soirée is a little something for those unused garage walls. With tools, bikes, gardening supplies, etc., it’s easy for your garage to go from an organized shop to a messy storage unit. HandiWALL, a heavy-duty wall cladding organization system, can help you go from empty space to everything in its place. In addition to their specialized HandiKITS that provide accessories by hobby (gardening, workshop, sports), HandiWALL is available in a wide array of slatwall color choices to keep the designer in you satisfied.




Wall storage doesn’t have to be complicated or bland with these great options from Häfele. If you’re interested in learning more about these products, we encourage you to check out our YouTube channel here, where we post application and informational videos. These products are also featured in our “The Complete Häfele: Furniture and Cabinetry Hardware” catalog. Happy Storing!