Making It Right

We admit we’re not perfect, but we’re working on it by making it easier to deal with your specific complaint.

We strive to get it right every time. Also though, mistakes happen. Here we’ll lay out all you need to know about filing a customer complaint through our website regarding items which arrived to you damaged, incorrect items which you were sent or something entirely different. Follow the process below so we can easily and efficiently address your specific issue or concern.

How to Create a Complaint

Note: Your order must be invoiced in order to proceed.

Sign in

Sign in to our website as you normally would to make a purchase.

View My Orders

Under “My Account” navigate to “Orders” and then click on the order number you’d like to have us address. (Note: This can also be done under “Shipment History” by selecting the delivery bill of the order in question.)

Select Article for Complaint

Once you’re in the order, select the items you’d like to file a complaint regarding on the left and then click, “Add to complaint” located above, next to, “Add to Cart.” (Note: Collective returns from several orders are not possible at this time. If necessary, please contact our Customer Service team for a PDF complaint form which can be used for this purpose.)

Enter Complaint Information

Complete the online complaint form with the following details:

A) Contact person
B) Description of complaint
C) Quantity
D) Reason for complaint or return request:

  • Request for a Return Material Authorization
  • Notification of a missing/wrong item
  • Notification of material damage
  • Other (detailed comments are required)

E) Supporting documentation such as attachments/pictures.

Send Complaint

Hit the “Send Complaint” button to finish the process. You’ll be contacted within X business days with a resolution or to discuss anything else which may be needed to finalize your claim.

How to Check the Status of a Complaint

The status of any current customer account complaints submitted online or through our Customer Service department can be viewed online.

Sign in

Sign in to our website as you normally would to make a purchase.

View My Complaints

Under “My Account” navigate to “Orders” and then click on the subcategory, “My Complaints.”

Complaint Management

This area contains all customer complaints listed by date and current status — including those submitted online as well as through our Customer Service team.

Possible complaint status options include:

  • Initial
  • To Be Checked
  • Checked
  • Deleted
  • Notification completed

Clicking the highlighted compliant number will provide additional detail.

If you have any additional questions regarding customer complaints with Häfele America Co., please feel free to contact our Customer Service department at 800.423.3531.